Internal Laboratory

Our laboratory team (12 lab technicians, all IATA trained) oversee all laboratory processes on all studies, including routine sample processing, storage and dispatch of samples externally and to the bioanalytical laboratory in compliance with GCLP standards and IATA regulations. Head of our laboratory is a certified Laboratory Diagnostician and has long-term experience in coordinating laboratory activities for clinical studies.

  • Preparation and barcoding of kits
  • Processing and shipments in compliance with GCLP and IATA standards
  • Pregnancy, drug screen, cotinine, dipstick, etc.
  • Samples storage (ambient, -20 to -80 degree freezers), biostorage room, cool chain processing, etc.
  • Central continuous temperature monitoring with an alarm system

External Laboratory

Biokinetica has a well-established, close working relationship with an international subcontracted laboratory that has extensive experience in clinical studies and in processing of samples in compliance with GCLP standards and IATA regulations. The following measurements and assessments can be performed by this lab:

  • Processing and analyses of safety parameters in blood and urine samples (hematology, serology, biochemistry, urinalysis)
  • Processing and analyses of PD and toxicokinetic blood and urine samples
  • Processing and analyses of biomarker blood and urine samples.

In addition, our contracted lab offers a broad range of established biomarker tests and is experienced in developing new methods, as well as in transferring and validating existing assays.

The lab is located within short driving distance of the Biokinetica site and there is a regular courier transportation service established.

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